Recently I have been having issues with my skin (pimples, dark spots etc) and my weight (25 stubborn lbs..) and I am not a person who usually has these issues. My skin is usually pretty clear and my weight hardly ever fluctuates and when it does (holidays are hard on everyone -_-) it always comes off easily in a month or two with an adjustment back to my non-holiday diet.

But for some reason these 25lbs would NOT go away. I was dieting like crazy and working out vigorously (I even booked myself with a personal trainer) for more than 6 months and…nothing.

Finally I asked Dr. Starler to help me and she ended up suggesting a detox. Nothing extreme. No change in my diet other than to continue keeping it healthy, drink lots of water and minimize sugar. It was a 3 week protocol with 2 check ins, in between and after the first two weeks, 15lbs disappeared, like THAT.

After the last week, the additional 10lbs have been coming off slowly but surely and I even decreased my gym time because of work and it didn’t matter.

I feel better, my skin is looking SO much better and my favorite jeans finally fit again!!!

If you’re looking for an office that really knows what they are doing, I highly recommend Star Chiropractic and Nutrition! Dr. Starler is my go-to integrative medicine and holistic doctor. The staff is amazing, friendly, competent, and welcoming no matter how busy they are!

Pro tip: call a couple weeks in advance of when you want to come in because they book up fast!

Rachel S.

Dr. Starler is very knowledgeable and is constantly going to seminars and discussion boards to further increase her knowledge. She is very sensitive and has a calming, polite, and friendly personality. She has helped my whole family become healthier and more informed. I would recommend her any day.

Kelly S.

Dr. Starler is one in a million!!!

It is rare to meet someone who is knowledgeable, competent and a true expert in their field. Dr. Starler is constantly researching and learning in order to continue to help her patients and expand their horizons. Moreover, she is kind, caring, and communicates in such a lovely way. Thank you so much for all your amazing help for me and my family!

Dr. Starler combines western medicine (lab tests and more) along with holistic techniques and the results speak for themselves. I have sent people to her and in some cases only after 4 days on her program their medical doctor found their heart tests, edema, blood pressure and more had improved. I personally had a blood sugar problem that I had been working on from all angles for 38 years and Dr. Starler was the only one who improved it. To list all the specifics of what she is trained in and her results would take too long, find out for yourself. She is simply the best and the sweetest!!!

Linda R.

Suzan Starler is an outstanding Chiropractor! She is an honest, dedicated, understanding and compassionate doctor. She is also energetic, positive and very passionate about her work. She will find the answers for you because she truly cares. I saw her for nutrition response testing, but she also provides other therapies and chiropractic care. Do not hesitate to contact her! You will be very happy you did!

Joseph H.

Dr Starler really helped me embrace a Paleo diet, which I would have not been able to do on my own. Dr Starler has also helped me align my body, and become more educated about life style choices. She gave a me series of supplements which were expensive since they seemed to change every other visit. I feel better and it’s hard to know what made the difference (diet vs supplements or both). She also encouraged me to do Arbonne shake nutritional supplements. Those are deliciously But decided to discontinue because they woke up my sugar cravings.

Jose C.

Dr. Starler is a life-saver, and I don’t say that lightly. When I first met “Dr. Suzan” as I like to call her, she was kind, friendly, and willing to help me no matter what I needed. The first meeting was at a networking event, where you as a small business owner are encouraged to talk about yourself, your business, and why people should consider utilizing your services. But Dr. Suzan was different. When we first met, she didn’t talk much about herself. Instead, others – including fellow colleagues, business associates and even patients – spoke highly of her, her work as a nutritionist, chiropractor, and overall, a heath specialist. She offered her help to many, and the accolades from others spoke volumes.

Then, I got a chance to see her in action as Dr. Suzan the professional. She listened, was attentive to my needs, and care assessed my health regimen options. Simply put, Dr. Suzan knows her stuff, cares about her patients and thoroughly considers the best treatments for the individual — not just a “one plan fits all” solution.

I appreciate everything that Dr. Suzan has done and continues to do for me and others when it comes to finding the best ways to promote optimal health. Thanks Dr. Suzan!

Eunice J.

I travel from New York to see Dr. Starler because she is brilliant at what she does. Her ability to perceive and provide safe, nutritional responses for core health issues sets her above any other holistic health provider I have ever encountered. Dr. Starler not only helps you overcome your health issues more quickly, she also is amazing for preventative medicine. I recommend Dr. Starler to anyone who is battling an illness or who simply wants to feel significantly better than they do today.

Liz L.

I have never been healthier, more clear minded and in control of the daily stress of life! Dr. Suz has the passion and intelligence to be tops in her game of OPTIMAL HEALTH. Everyone I refer is super impressed and gets the results they wished they had received years earlier. Life is too short not to feel this healthy!

Greg D.

I have been going to Dr. Starler for years & THANK GOODNESS! She is amazing! Owning a bakery, I have to have my back, neck , shoulders, you name it – in good working order & she gives that to me. She also works with nutrition, herbs – naturapathic medicine.

Mellissa S.

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